Jane Eyre and the Death Fantasy

By Tara Bandman Among the common magical beliefs that swirl around childhood is the tacit understanding that those whom we love die peacefully in their sleeps. Children cling to the perfectly painless death theory as part of their narrative of a just world. The child imagines the dying person quietly going to sleep, beginning with […]


1. Here’s a fascinating tidbit I just ran across in a review of Michael D. Gordin’s “Einstein in Bohemia” (Princeton): “On May 24, 1911, Einstein gave a brief talk on his theory of relativity to a gathering of germanophobe intellectuals that met at the home of Berta Fanta (‘an erudite, philosophically ambitious, and well-connected woman’), […]

What Tom Wolfe Means to Me

––––In honor of the second anniversary of Tom Wolfe’s death: May 14, 2018–––– Note: This is a blog post from a guest contributor – a long-time collector of many subjects. He would like to remain anonymous, but so you may recognize future posts by him, we’ll call him “Prospero”. I was inspired to write this […]